Expand Your Business

With features that will keep your customers coming back

Lead Generation

Turn your Free Wi-Fi into and automated lead generating machine.  Collect emails, send emails, push notifications, coupons and discounts to create new customer relationships.

Bandwidth Controls

From your dashboard you can see who is using bandwidth and set the limit on the amount of bandwidth used for all users.

Loyalty Rewards

Give your loyal customers rewards at log in to your free wifi.  Use digital loyalty punch cards to reward loyal customers.  keep them coming back with promotions, coupons, contests and special offers!

Network Montitoring

See your customer’s WiFi usage throughout your venues by monitoring all your networks in one place. View the activity of users who connect to your network, details regarding their connection and devices, as well as identify who is connected to your WiFi.

Cross Platform

In one instance, you can create applications that run on IPhone and Android, as well as a web app.  Your web app is available online and accessible before it is submitted and approved by the App Stores.

Social Networks

Engage your customers on Social Media and gain valuable marketing data. Customers can connect with Social Media logins. Make your application and social network pages communicate each other.

Product/Price list

All products and prices at users’ fingertips.  Integrates with WordPress WooCommerce shopping cart.  Easy to add products and payment functionality with PayPal or Square.

Contact Pages

Allow one-touch-call, geolocation, links to social pages for easy connection to your business from within the app.


You’ll feel right at home with the app builder options with the NowCrowd app builder using the Live Customizer you can see your changes instantly.  Creative branding is easy with drag and drop functionality.

Custom Landing Page

That reflects your business, brand and customer. We design a custom landing page for you that  engages your customers and reflects your business. It’s your brand, your way.


Use AdWords or Facebook campaigns to show your visitors ads after they leave your venue. Re-targeting clients after they leave your business is a cost effective tool to expand your business with the excellent ROI.

Social Login

Gather information about your visitors by creating a customizable login page for them to gain WiFi access. Customer will be directed to a landing page and asks them to log-in with their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Instagram or Email accounts to access your Free Wi-Fi.

Special Discounts

Send targeted discounts to best or worst clients to make them coming back. Generate real leads and sales with special discount engagement.


Receive QR Code and POS ads to make the application known.  Link to app download at login to your free wifi service.  Promo ads and links to your social media accounts to give easy access to your mobile app.


Allow users to book a place, appointment or anything you want, with an easy to use and multi-store plug-in.  Make it convenient for you users to do business with you.


Gain the advantage of a well-managed client base. Segment customers into groups.  Understanding your WiFi users will allow you to select target groups that are most likely to respond to your marketing campaigns. 

Responsive Design

Want your mobile site to look and function great on all devices and computers? NowCrowd has you covered with fantastic Responsive Design when in web app mode.

In-Depth Analytics

Learn about your customers and frequency of visits. Learn who your customers are, and how often they visit with full analytics and reporting.  Find out who to target with incentive broadcasts.

Customer Engagement

Engage your customers with messages, get customer feed backs or just thank them for visiting your business.  Grow social media fans, allow one-touch-call, links to social pages, and much more.

Easy Creation

No technical knowledge required to create your own customized applications. Build your mobile app quickly using the NowCrowd app builder.  Pre-designed modules make it easy to configure. You get a mobile ready web app that is ready for submission to the App Stores.

Push Notifications

Contact your clients whenever you want and whenever the need arises.  Connect with customers by sending coupons, discounts or notices through a push notification.  Get unlimited push notifications.

Rockstar Support

Here at NowCrowd, we take pride in providing outstanding support to our customers.  Use our extensive knowledge base to get answers to your questions or contact us direct.

Unlimited Pages

Create as many custom pages as you need.  Design your mobile app to have complete functionality for maximum user interaction.  It’s unlimited.

App Store Submission

You build the web app and we take care of submitting your application in the various app stores.