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Why Choose NowCrowd?


Crowdfund with digital coupons to raise money for your next sport season or school project.

Delivery To
Digital Wallet

Supporters receive great local and national offers through their Android or Iphone digital wallet.

Quick & Efficient

Take money immediately or after your goal is reached. The choice is yours.


Gorgeous front and backend displays to track payments and supporters.

What Do Your Donors Get?

  • Great Local Offers
  • Shop & Give

Download to your smartphone

Your supporters will have access to great local offers that can be downloaded to their smartphone. The coupons and offers come in a digital format that is compatible with Apple Passbook for the iPhone or Pass2U and PassWallet for Android phones.

Shop millions of products

From their members area your supporters can shop for products from hundreds of name brands you know and trust. NowCrowd will donate up to 3% of each purchase to your cause depending on the affiliate agreement with the retailer.

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